The following is for your guidance and sets out the terms and conditions of booking and letting.


  • There is a booking fee of 25 euros per booking.
  • Tourist tax is payable on arrival. Currently 1 euro (including IVA) per adult, per day, for the first 7 nights only.
  • The minimum stay in high season is 5 nights and in low season 3 nights unless a different period is agreed upon in writing.
  • Your charge per night for the apartment is as set out on the website and agreed at the time that you made the reservation and we confirmed the booking.
  • A deposit equivalent to the greater of either 30% (plus the booking fee) of the booked stay, or 1 night, will be charged in advance prior to confirmation of the booking. No booking is confirmed until such a deposit has been paid. This deposit is non-refundable once the booking has been confirmed.
  • We strongly recommend that you have personal travel insurance that will provide you with adequate cover during your stay and also compensate you if you have to cancel or cannot meet your obligations regarding your booked accommodation.
  • Cancellation with greater than 30 days notice will result solely in the loss of the above deposits.
  • A no-show or cancellation within 30 days of the due start date of your booking will mean that the full cost is payable and charged. Any recompense will be subject to us being able to re-let the booked accommodation.
  • Cancellation should be notified as soon as possible to minimize your financial loss and to allow us to find other guests and thus lessen any charge. Cancellation must be notified by email and a reply requested.
  • The above if the booking is made from our website. In case the booking is made from another platform, the cancellation policies of this platform will be followed.


  • Vilanova Apartments takes a security deposit in the form of credit card details, that must be shown in physical form on the day of the check-in. In providing your credit card details you authorize Vilanova Apartments to charge your card as appropriate, for any costs incurred as a result of unreasonable neglect, abuse of the property, accidents, and damage, or excess charges incurred i.e. late checkout. This is extremely rare and 99% of bookings do not result in further charges. (This amount or system may be different with owners of apartments not managed by us. You will be informed of their requirements directly).


  • Check-in is normally after 15:00 of the first day of the stay and check-out by 11:00 on the day of departure. Luggage may be stored for later collection. Earlier check-in may be available subject to earlier guest check-out and cleaning of the apartment ready for your occupation. A late check-out may be arranged subject to availability and no later than 20.00. A fee of 50 euros will be charged for this. (Owners of apartments not managed by us, may have a different system and you will be informed of this directly by them)
  • All guests are required to register with a passport or National ID card and the register may be inspected by the local police from time to time.
  • Our office hours are 9:30h – 18:30h Monday to Friday. Saturdays from 10:00h - 19:00. Sundays/ Public Hols: CLOSED
  • If your check in is after 20:00 pm until 24:00 pm, there will be an extra charge of 45€, and if it is after 24:00 pm until 8:00 am from the next day of the first day of the stay, the extra charge will be 75€.
  • Payment of the balance of the charge for your stay is required upon arrival, in euros cash, or 15 days in advance, into a selected bank account or by credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card this will incur a 3% additional charge. Please note: Owners of the apartments not managed by us (when we are booking agents only), may require the balance to be paid prior to arrival, you will be informed of this by the owner after the deposit is paid and we have passed all the contact information to the owner.
  • Should you depart your apartment early, for whatever reason, we are unable to offer a refund.
  • Please remember, the apartment you will be occupying may be in a residential block. Neighbors may have to work. Please respect their need for peace and quiet.
  • Please note also that the property is owned by someone and may be either their home when not rented or an investment property. We ask that you respect this and take good care of the property and its contents.
  • Vilanova Apartments will make every reasonable effort to supply you with the accommodation as booked. If Vilanova Apartments become unable to fulfill this then we will offer you alternative accommodation of a similar standard. Any recompense is at the discretion of Vilanova Apartments. This does not apply to properties not managed by us and guests will have to negotiate this directly with the owner.
  • Vilanova Apartments ask that you complete the feedback form given to you on arrival. We take complaints and commendations seriously.


  • Vilanova Apartments exercise reasonable care but occasionally matters are beyond our control. Please bear with us if something unexpected or unplanned happens that is reasonably out of our control.
  • Where and when we can, Vilanova Apartments will make reasonable efforts to correct faults and deficiencies in the accommodation. However, on weekends, public holidays and out of working hours, this cannot be guaranteed. We ask that you bear with us, or help us, by accepting any reasonable alternative or temporary solution that we will try to deploy to mitigate a situation.
  • DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN THE LOCK AT THE BACK OF THE APARTMENT DOOR, as this will prevent entry should you go out and close the door. This will result in a locksmith being called with a charge of approximately 200 euros. Replacement locks and lost keys have to be paid for by the guest.
  • Accidents happen. If something untoward does happen during your stay in one of our apartments that results in damage or injury, then please inform us as soon as possible. We may be able to assist you with interpretation or advise you where to go for assistance.
  • Occasionally the floors and staircases may be wet after cleaning. Please ensure you take extra care until they are dry.
  • A normal amount of wear and tear is expected, but beyond this, Vilanova Apartments will levy a charge. TREAT BLINDS & SHUTTERS GENTLY. If they are pulled too hard and too fast they will be swallowed up by the mechanism despite stoppers. These then have to be repaired at your expense. This costs approximately 200 euros.
  • Failure to report damage or loss will result in a charge to your credit card or cash deposit.
  • Items removed from an apartment will be charged.


  • For stays of 8 nights or longer in summer season a change of house towels and bed linen is included midway through your stay and will be done between 10:00 and 16:00. Cleaning during your stay is available for an additional charge (final cleaning is included). Cleaners have keys and you do not need to be present. Cleaners are not responsible for doing the washing up or removing rubbish. This is your responsibility. Failure to leave an apartment in a reasonable state with rubbish piled up or unwashed crockery, glasses, cutlery etc. will result in an additional charge.
  • If you do not require fresh towels or bed linen please tell the cleaners or leave a note.
  • The apartments are let on a self-catering basis. We provide an initial supply of toilet tissue and shower gel. Thereafter it is your responsibility. Please do not flush tampons, sanitary towels, kitchen roll or paper serviettes down the toilet.
  • Beach towels are available to hire for 2.50 euro per towel. If you require a clean change of beach towel you will be charged 2.50 euro per towel. Please do not take house towels to the beach.
  • Please do not use Vilanova Apartments towels when you dye/bleach your hair or for removing makeup. A charge will be made for stained/bleached towels and bedding. We have a stock of old towels that we can loan to you for this purpose.
  • In low season the cleaning will be charged separately from the total payment of the reservation. In high season, in some cases cleaning is included in the total cost of the reservation.


  • Where air conditioning and fans are available, we ask that you switch these off when leaving the apartment. It is very expensive in terms of water, electricity and the environment. All the A/C units are recently installed and are serviced regularly and therefore are very effective at cooling a room in 5 minutes. Please ensure you close all the doors and windows when using the A/C. If you don’t, the unit will freeze and you will have to pay for the repair.


  • All amenities are included in the cost of your apartment (for short term holiday lets). Occasionally there are power surges in the supply and you experience a slight flickering of the lights or a short power cut. This is quite normal. A power surge or using a large number of high-powered appliances all at the same time may cause the trip switch on the fuse board to operate. This just has to be switched on again after reducing the number of appliances being used. You will be shown where the fuse board is in your apartment.
  • Water supply in the area is good and the water is normally fit to drink. However, you may feel happier or prefer to drink bottled water. Some apartments have a tank supply and we recommend that bottled water is used for drinking.
  • Occasionally there is a variance in water pressure. This may cause insufficient pressure to ignite the boiler. We suggest you leave the shower for 5 or 10 minutes then try again. You will be shown how to re-ignite the pilot light if appropriate.


  • Vilanova and Sitges are generally safe places to visit but as in any town, please look after your valuables and maintain the same level of vigilance as you would at home. Barcelona is a relatively safe city but like any large city, it has some opportunistic criminals operating as individuals and gangs. Please leave passports in your apartment and only take the valuables you actually need for the day. Take extra care with wallets, cameras and mobile phones especially on the metro and when sitting at street cafes.
  • When going out ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked. At night (other than bedrooms) please ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked.


  • You must inform Vilanova Apartments of the total number of guests included in the booking. Unless otherwise agreed by Vilanova Apartments only the number of persons indicated when booking shall be authorized to use the apartment. The number of persons who may use the apartment may not exceed the number of persons allocated for each apartment. Pets are only allowed where permission has been specifically granted.
  • In the event of an infringement of the aforementioned condition, Vilanova Apartments will be entitled to request you and other guests leave the apartment and you will have no right to claim any type of compensation.


  • You, as the person signing the check-in form, will be liable for the correct and decent behaviour of all the persons accompanying you. Should you or any of the persons accompanying you, not behave in a suitable and responsible way, and /or neighbours or the communidad (building administration) complain to Vilanova Apartments, then Vilanova Apartments shall be entitled to request you and the other guest/s to leave the apartment. You and the other guest/s accompanying you will have no right to claim any type of compensation. If the neighbours or communidad complain to the police, they may take a far firmer line, not only removing you and other guest/s from the apartment but jailing you whilst the complaint is investigated.


  • Guests will be informed when an apartment is managed directly by the owner or their chosen agent, and we are acting as booking agents only. This means, that apart from the actual booking conditions and payment of the deposit, no other part of these terms and conditions will apply. Guests must ask the owner directly for their terms and conditions regarding arrival, departure, cleaning, laundry, damage deposits, payments, cancellation, data protection, keys, complaints, emergencies, contacts during your stay etc. Vilanova Apartments SL will not be available to contact during your stay and you must contact the person nominated by the owner. Vilanova Apartments does check the property to assess its suitability for rental and we advise the owner regarding requirements for rental. Beyond this, we hold no responsibility for the day to day management.


  • We respect the privacy of the information that you provide to us via this website. We do not sell, rent or trade any personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent.
  • We only collect data from you when you book an apartment through the website and when you speak with one of our staff.
  • By disclosing your personal information to us you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by Vilanova Apartments in a manner set out in this Privacy Policy. Some information and emails sent to us may be used as testimonials but no email address or contact details will be displayed.


  • Vilanova Apartments SL is registered (CIF B65611162) under Catalan law.